Boston Logic has a new name… Propertybase! The new Propertybase is a result of unifying three of the leading real estate technology companies in the market: Boston Logic, BackAgent and Propertybase. We’ve joined forces in order to launch a reimagined Propertybase platform, which includes IDX and MLS-integrated luxury websites, an intelligent CRM built on Salesforce, and robust transaction management and back-office tools.

Why are you coming under one brand?

We have demonstrated that we have three of the best technology products in the real estate industry:

  • Boston Logic Websites and CRM: for luxury and leading brokerages and teams

  • Propertybase CRM: for leading brokerages and teams who want power and flexibility; and

  • BackAgent: for brokerages and teams that want better management and compliance of transactions and commissions.

It makes perfect sense to combine these three under one umbrella so customers have a fully integrated, turnkey suite that can power their entire brokerage.  

How did you decide on the Propertybase name?

We wanted a name that emphasizes our focus on the global real estate market (not just Boston!) and is flexible enough to incorporate additional product capabilities as we grow. We also wanted to leverage the benefits of using one of our current brands: existing name recognition, SEO and SEM equity, and a library of existing content, collateral and resources. Ultimately, the Propertybase name emerged as the clear winner both internally and through industry and client surveys for meeting the criteria above and for its recognition globally. 

That makes sense! What benefits will I see from this change?

Propertybase is the leading global cloud platform for real estate brokerages and teams looking to showcase their brand and drive more business through extraordinary digital experiences, collaboration and automation. Our customers can reap a multitude of benefits by using our tools, including:

  1. Agent recruiting: Modern, automated technology unified on one interface that drives more leads and more conversions

  2. Agent retention: Propertybase agents have higher adoption rates (80-90%) vs. industry average of 30-40%

  3. Increased revenue: Propertybase agents do 45% more GCI than non-Propertybase agents. Our proven SEO tools and website analytics across 10,000+ of websites give us the insights we need to help you optimize lead generation and conversion rates

  4. Cost savings: Flexibility to start with one component or get the benefit of a unified platform to eliminate duplicative point tools

  5. Accountability: The ability to work with one vendor to manage your technology needs, and minimize in-house development

  6. Faster time to market: The ability for agents and small teams to get established with a turnkey “brokerage in a box” solution in days

How will the products be integrated? 

We’re working to combine the best features from each product to seamlessly integrate them for the best experience. As of today, all three product offerings are connected via SSO with many enhancements.  Here’s what we’ve done so far…

  • Propertybase CRM and Boston Logic websites

    • Automated user sync

    • Automated Leads import to Propertybase

    • Propertybase CRM captures Website Activity in real-time

  • Propertybase and BackAgent

    • Automated User sync

    • “Launch in Context” Access to Intranet & Print Marketing

  • Boston Logic platform and BackAgent

    • Automated User sync

    • “Launch in Context” Access to Intranet & Print Marketing

What does this mean for current Boston Logic clients?

Most of the changes you’ll see will be cosmetic. Online support and additional help documentation for all Propertybase products will be moving to (please bookmark that page!).

But mostly, it will be business as usual. The tools you and your agents use today will remain the same, and you will have access to additional tools as part of this transition. We’ll continue to support and add new features to all product lines currently in use by our customers. We’ll keep you informed of new product features as they become available. 

Should I expect my points of contact to change? 

No. With the unification or our brand, we will be streamlining internal operations and our helpdesk, so you’ll have one starting point for assistance. It’s the same team back here - just bigger and better. If you need assistance, please continue to call us at 617.266.9166 or email

Will my current products continue to be fully supported and developed? 

Yes! We will continue to add features and enhancements to each product line.

Will my current integrations continue to be fully supported? 

Yes!  We do not intend to cease support of any existing integrations. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We believe we’ll be able to provide more integrations to enhance our platform and drive better results for your brokerage.

Will I be able to run my brokerage on the Propertybase CRM instead of the Boston Logic CRM? 

Yes! Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see when and if migrating to another solution makes sense. (subject to fee changes)

Will I be able to roll out Propertybase Transaction Management to my brokerage?

Yes, the Propertybase Transaction Management tool will be available for customers for an additional monthly fee. Please contact  to add this to your account.

Will my currently integrated Transaction Management tool continue to be supported?

Yes. We will continue to support outside eSignature platforms such as Dotloop, Docusign, Skyslope, and zipForms.

How can I get a demo of the Back Office solution or the Propertybase CRM powered by Salesforce?

Please contact or your Customer Success Manager to request a demo.