Path: Settings > Agent/Office > "Agents Can Perform Simple Lead Searches"


Agents now have the ability to see the assigned agents for leads in the database, allowing the two agents to continue the conversation around working with a lead in the platform.

To set this up...

1.) Go to Settings > Agent/Office

2.) Scroll to the bottom of the page.

3.) Select the box for "Agents Can Perform Simple Lead Searches"

4.) Save Settings

Once set up, the agent will have a new view where they can see "All Leads".

If you're an agent you can sort the leads on this page by Name, Email, Phone, Location, and Agent.

You can also use the green envelope icon to message the assigned agent about a specific lead.

This opens the way for agents to see what is in the brokerage's database without sharing too much information to keep lead's separate.