What is email marketing?

  • An easy way to stay in contact with your clients

  • Boston Logic allows you to create clean, simple, branded campaigns to promote you and your listings

  • Automated features allow you to save time while staying in touch 

  • In short, we help you market yourself

1) Build your single event

  • Name your campaign

  • Add an optional description

  • Privacy: who can access your campaign

    • Can hide from admins

  • Choose an email subject

  • Sender options

    • Leads will always have the email appear to be from you (assigned agent)

    • For contacts, sender can be:

      • Newsletter creator, original contact creator, company default agent

2) Pick a layout 

  • When building a new campaign, you’ll be able to select a layout to use from the email builder

  • Use the arrows to click through the editable elements 

    • Enter your unique content, listings, images, etc.

  • Locked down elements are not editable in email builder

  • Preview responsive email on mobile, tablet, and desktop

3) Select your list of recipients 

  • Multiple lists can be selected

4) Schedule its delivery

  • Specific date or immediately 

5) Review

  • Test the email using an example lead

6) Activate once satisfied or save as a draft for later use