Path: Reports > Email Marketing Visibility Report

Boston Logic now gives you the ability to track you soon to be sent and recently sent marketing emails via the Email Marketing Visibility Report. 

We understand it can be difficult to keep track of who is getting what and when, especially if you have a couple drip campaigns, a monthly newsletter, and an open house notification running through our Email Marketing

1.) Make your selection of whether you'd like to see Drip Campaigns or Single Email Campaigns.

2.) Use the dropdown at the left to see what was Sent in the Last 7 Days or Queued For the Next 7 Days.

3.) See which Campaigns and Campaign Events are going to be Sent. 

    3a.) The Sender is the person who the email will be coming from.

    3b.) The Lead, Contact, Agent, Employee, Contact Agents, and Lead Agents Count give a total number of who will be affected by that.

This allows you to modify your campaigns before they are sent and increased visibility to what has recently been sent.