Path: Leads > My Leads > Edit a lead > Other Details > Custom Lead Source

You now have the ability to edit the lead's source for imported, manually created or synced leads (ex. through a transaction management tool). This is a text field meaning you can enter any verbiage in as you please. Additionally, you'll be able to perform advanced searches and create smart lists with this custom source.

Steps to edit the lead source:

1. Log into the platform

2. Under the Leads tab, go to "my leads"

3. Edit a lead using the pencil icon to the right of their name or by clicking the lead's name and hitting the "edit" button at the top. 

***Please make sure this is a lead which was manually entered, imported, or synced from a transaction management tool 

4. Scroll down the page to the "other details" section

5. Enter a custom lead source (ex. referral, open house, etc.)

6. Update the lead

7. You'll see the new source as Custom - Referral (or what you had entered into the field)

This is a searchable field under Leads > Search > Show Advanced Options > Custom Lead Source thus you'll be able to create a smart list from this field.