The Boston Logic Platform is excited to offer two new system standard pages that allow you to personalize the verbiage around when a user lands on a listing that is no longer available/expired or any other unknown/expired page. These are two separate pages are available to be edited under Content > Pages.

Property Missing/Expired

Here is what the message looks like by default.

You can manage what content appears here by editing that page in the backend under Content > Pages > /404-property.

Edit the main message by modifying the Page Header.

The smaller text is just Body Content.

If you'd prefer to have more styling options, you can always remove the page header entirely and use the "Styles" dropdown in the WYSIWYG editor. We recommend using Heading 1 or Heading 2 if your remove the "Page Header".

Page Does Not Exist/404

The other page type is a standard 404 page. Similar to the listing 404 page, you can customize this message. Here's how it looks by default on your site.

You can customize this message by editing the /404 page in the backend under Content > Pages.

As before, feel free to customize this using the WYSIWYG editor as you would any other page.

Here's an example of a 404 page on our testing environment.