Some of the Boston Logic Platform search fields are open-ended. You would encounter these fields when creating a Search Page or setting up a Saved Search For example, Keyword:

In order for these open-ended search fields to pull multiple criteria there is a specific naming convention that needs to be applied.

1.) Let's say you were looking for keyword "Central Park" but also wanted to find the keywords of "Zoo" and "Bow Bridge". You would apply the following naming convention... (Central AND Park) OR (Zoo) OR (Bow AND Bridge).

Each individual keyword is contained inside parentheses.
Use the word "OR" to designate that the field does NOT need to include all of the keywords.
Use the word "AND" for keywords that are multiple words.

2.) You can also refine search to exclude words.

ex. If you want to search for “pool” but not “community pool”. You would apply the following naming convention... (pool) AND NOT (community pool)

3.) Some of our search fields automatically include 'AND' by default when you type in with spaces.

Those include:



Body of Water

Building Style

Building Type

Subdivision Name

Development Name

Ownership Type

For example: If you search for "Lake Champlain" in the "Body of Water" field, the system will search for listings that include the words "Lake" AND "Champlain"

The other search fields use 'OR' by default. 

So if you are doing keywords in a field, please be sure to specify 'AND', 'OR', 'AND NOT'

4.) If the criteria you're searching by is a single word without dashes or spaces, quoted sections are not required. 

For example, if the original search was: 
NOT "villages" NOT "landmark" NOT "hartwood" NOT "creek village" NOT "ski harbor" 

However, that can be written as:
NOT (villages OR landmark OR hartwood OR "creek village" OR "ski harbor")

This will save you character counts in case you have a lot of criteria you're filtering.