The Boston Logic Platform now allows you and your user to find the estimated value of their home directly on your website. This functionality is possible through integrations with the nation's most popular AVM technology. 

The page is visible on the front-end of your website at the path

You can add a hero image to the page via the backend by editing the page content. Just like if you were managing body content on the page.

Once the /properties/sale_prices page looks the way you want, you can enable the third-party integrations. We currently offer AVM estimates from Zillow and Realtor Property Resource (RPR).

To do this, you will want to enable the third party integration under Settings > Configuration > Feed and SSO.

From Zillow the Boston Logic Platform needs your Zillow API Key, which you can receive from Zillow.

When configuring your Zillow API, please ensure the "Valuation API" Box is checked.

From RPR the Boston Logic Platform needs the Token and Brand Code from the widget.

When building your RPR widget, there is a step titled "Step 3: Make Your Widget Selections". Please leave all boxes unchecked on this step in order to have home valuations displayed consistently on your website.

Once those pieces are entered into the Feed & SSO settings in the Boston Logic Platform, the AVM page on the front end will pull the estimated value after the user enters an address on your site.

As always, please email if you run into any troubles.