You can send text messages to your leads directly through The Boston Logic Platform. For this feature to function optimally, both the agent and the lead will need valid phone numbers in their account. 

*Please ensure the phone type "cell" is selected when updating the lead's detail page in order to successfully send texts to your leads.

Here are the ways you can text your leads.

From the lead account: 

Leads > My Leads > Click on the lead's name > Actions > Send Text Message

Leads > My Leads > Click on the lead's name > Messages > Text Messages

Send a listing via text message:

Property > Sales Search > Select a Listing > Actions > SMS to Lead

Once you've chosen to text the listing to a lead, a modal will appear with a pre-filled text message and ask which lead you would like to send the text message to. You can edit the message before sending it here.

Managing your Text Messages:

After you've sent your lead a text message, you can view text conversation history with each lead from their accounts. This will be logged in the "Messages" section of the lead's detail page.

Lead Responses:

If a lead responds to your text message, it will be logged in the lead's account. A text message will also be sent to your phone notifying you of the response, and linking you to the lead's account.