What’s New?

  • Action Plan Builder: Automate your follow-up with email, tasks, and time-driven workflows. Learn more here: https://bostonlogic.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/27000019574-action-plans 

  • SMS notifications for leads pending acceptance: When an agent is required to accept leads, and is also receiving lead notifications via SMS, the agent will receive SMS notifications when a new unassigned lead is created in the accept/reject queue. 

    • The first text will show Lead Name, Lead Source and a link to the conversion page. 

    • The second text will show two links for accept or reject the agent can take either action by clicking the associated link through their SMS app.

    • Here is a sample text:

Text 1

(1/2) Pending Lead Bob Smith, Source: Property Detail View Page Page: http://goo.gl/JmTFB <http://goo.gl/JmTFBU>

Text 2

(2/2) Accept: <http://goo.gl/JmTFBU> OR Reject: <http://goo.gl/JmTFBU>


  • If you have not yet conducted a search using the beta sales search interface, you’ll now see a message prompting you to conduct a search.

Bug Fixes (Severe bugs only)

  • Users who were previously using Grammarly may have noticed problems when using it on any of our content editing pages. We have worked with Grammarly to resolve this issue.