Path:  Marketing > Lists

When viewing your marketing lists, you will see an overview, with counts for the different types users that might be added to them. You can also see list types, and what site a list was created on at a quick glance. 

Filtering and sorting your lists:

By default, lists will be sorted by the date they were created. You can remove the filter by using the "x" under "Sorting and filters."

You can search by list name in the search field, or order by the list by name using the sort arrows.

You can also use the drop down menus to filter out lists by type and the site they are from. 

As an admin, you'll see the options below for type:

Personal - Non company lists belonging to the user logged in

Agent - Non private agent lists

Company - Company lists

Broker/admin - Lists restricted to brokers and admins

The company dropdown will allow you to filter lists based on the site they were created on. 

Actions - editing and deleting a lists:

You can delete lists you are no longer using, or edit lists by using the buttons in the "Actions" Column. The pencil icon will open the list for editing, and the red "X" will let you delete the list.