• Saved search updates now trigger with the following status changes, in addition to the status New:

    • “Any status” -> “Price change”

    • “Inactive” -> “Back on market”

    • “Any status” -> “Sold”

Bug Fixes (Severe bugs only)

  • When editing drip campaigns to add another event and select a template, users received a message that the page does not exist.

  • A bug in advanced lead distribution was causing leads to expire instead of being assigned to the next agent who matched the lead’s criteria.

  • Market insight reports once again use the custom colors that can be set for it in admin/settings.

  • The new “site switcher” was appearing on Listing Reports, and therefore being included in emails.

  • A few bugs were found and resolved on the blog creation page.

  • A bug prevented contacts from being created through the Contacts API.

  • There was an issue with favicons not updating on sites after updating them in the Company Logos section of admin

  • Pages were not dynamically pulling content from the system 404 page.