What’s new?

Gmail Email Sync

We have now made the Boston Logic System a more powerful lead communication tool by creating a centralized record of all interactions that agents have with their Leads and Contacts. This enables brokers to hold their agents more accountable and ultimately make the Platform a more valuable tool by keeping a record of all of their communication automatically. 

How does this work? 

Once authorized, the Boston Logic System will pull emails from an agent’s Gmail account. To authorize this feature follow the path: Admin > Profile > Third Party Connection > Connect with Gmail Email.

Once the “Connect with Google Email” button is clicked the agent will then be taken to a screen to authenticate the Boston Logic System with Gmail. From there the agent will need to select “Allow”.

The agent’s account is now linked with Gmail. 

Now that their account has been linked, when the agent sends or receives an email with an associated Lead or Contact with a matching email address in their Boston Logic Platform the email will automatically be logged to the appropriate Lead or Contact record.

Emails will be logged in the Message section of the Lead and Contact record as an individual message. If the contact is a shared contact then agents will only be able to see the email that they have sent and received from the contact, not emails from other agents in the brokerage. These will be separated in both the Lead and Contact sections by sent and received messages.

The Lead section will look like this within the Message tab;

In Contacts the messages will look like this in the message section;

Agents will be able to click into any message to see the body of the email.


The account admin of the platform will have the ability to set a system wide setting to either allow brokers and admins to have the ability to see agent’s messages that have synced from Gmail or to limit the view to only the sending or receiving party. This setting can be found by following: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Agents & Offices > Display synced emails only to sending/receiving party.

Bug fixes (Severe bugs only)

  • Vacation rental calendars are now color-coded to show availability

  • Imprev SSO was fixed to prevent errors when trying to access Imprev through agent sites