What’s New?

Reverse Prospecting - At its base what this feature allows agents to do is to quickly and easily find buyers who interests fit a certain property. 

  • On a brokerage level this will allow agents and brokers to connect buyers in their database to exclusive listings enabling them to get both sides of a transaction and upping their profits.

  • On an agent level, this feature is a great tool to demonstrate to sellers why they should list their home with an agent, “Mr/Miss seller I have 200 people that I can email right now who want to buy a home like yours” that is compelling.

Bug Fixes (Severe bugs only)

  • Images uploaded through CKEditor into an email were appearing as blank images.

  • In Office Tools > Agents and Brokers, when filtering for agents with advanced lead distribution, the results showed agents without lead management accounts and no advanced lead distribution criteria.

  • When applying an action to all results of a contact search, the action was applied to all of the contacts instead of the filtered selection.