What’s New?

  • A new backend sales search experience is now in beta! 

  • A new field on the lead detail page: Lead Source

    • There are two parts to this field - Category and Detail. Categories are 3rd party, Agent, or Website.

    • Detail will shed more light into where the user came from.

      • For 3rd Party, details is the name for the 3rd Party Source, ex: Zillow, Trulia, etc..

      • For Agent it is the agent's name

      • For Website it will be the domain of the website on our platform.

  • We are now including structured data across all websites, helping defining brokerages, real estate agents and individual property listings more effectively for search engine spider. This is a background change reflected solely in the code of various pages of websites, and for the most part, you won't notice anything different. Over time, the most visible impact should be increased visibility and traffic for listing pages. We've also implemented structured data elements that are geared towards getting the list price and any open house information to display with the website's listing in the SERPs, which should have a positive impact on your click-through rates as well as your overall ranking and website traffic. 

    • A potential visible outcome could be that more information about search results will be displayed on the search results page. Example below:


  • When you create a Search Page or an Market Insight, we now automatically set the "canonical_url" meta data field in the HTML <head> element of pages to the be the path of the page. The reason for this is so that Google and other bots do not try to index the pages 2-x of the results as separate pages, and therefore direct all the traffic to the main page.

    • For example, we will now not treat any pages like /town-page-name and /town-page-name?active=0&page_0=2 as separate pages.

  • When a page’s URL is changed, we now automatically create a 301 redirect for that page, eliminating the need to manually create one.

  • /admin is now hidden from the index of CMS pages

  • Zillow details pages for properties are now no index, as are the property print detail pages, so that those pages are not treated as duplicate content. This will improve organic index for individual property detail pages.

  • To streamline the creation of search pages, we now automatically create a CMS page when a search page is created.

    • When creating a search page, when creating a “New” CMS page, you will automatically be brought back to the new search page creation form, and the new CMS page you just created will be pre-selected.

Bug Fixes (Severe bugs only)

  • We fixed a bug so that if a contact (has the same email) has been added by two or more agents, and the contact unsubscribes from all Bradfield related emails, the contact will not receive emails from multiple agents. The contact will appear to have been "unsubscribed" from all future lists/campaigns unless they update their subscriptions.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the agent name typeahead from showing when subscribing to market insight reports

  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from selecting future calendar months when selecting task due dates.

  • When adding images through the page wizard, all images couldn’t be viewed, and this is now fixed.