Saved Searches are automatic email updates for your leads or contacts. These emails contain recently updated or added listings, that match criteria you set up ahead of time. We have the option to send these updates out Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Saved Searches can be managed or set up through:

  • A Lead's Account
    • Path: Leads > My Leads > Lead Name > Saved Searches
  • A Contact's Account    
    • Path: Leads > Contacts > Contact Name > Saved Searches
  • A Property Search
    • Path: Property > Sales Search > Results > Save this Search

Managing Saved Searches through the Lead Account:

  • Path: Leads > My Leads > Lead Name > Saved Searches

Once you've navigated to the leads account, in the Saved Searches section you will see the option to create a new saved search. You will also see any existing searches the lead has set up.

Here you can set up the search. It will need a name, you can specify when email update frequency, and enter your criteria for the listings that populate in the email. 

Setting up the search looks similar to a regular property search, but it will only need to be set up once. Enter your desired criteria and click "Create Search"

Now the search will be performed the next time an email is set to go out, and generated with recent listings.

After the search is created, you will be able to access it in the lead's account. You'll get an overview of the search criteria, and see a few links to help you manage the search.

  • Update this Search Criteria - Edit the criteria you've set up for the search
  • Delete this Search Criteria - Delete the Saved Search for the lead
  • View Search Criteria Results - Runs a search for all of the listings that match this criteria
  • View Search Criteria Results for Today - Runs a search for recently updated listings that match the criteria. (These listings are the                                                                         ones included in the Daily/Weekly/Monthly email.)

Managing Saved Searches for a Contact:

  • Path: Leads > Contacts > Contact Name > Saved Searches

Saved Searches can be se up for Contacts as well. The set up is the same as outlined above, but located in the Contact's Information instead.

Property Search: Subscribing yourself or a Lead to a Saved Search 

  • Path: Property > Sales Search > Results 

After performing a search in the back end of your site, you are able to save the search you've just performed. This allows you to view searches again later without needing to re-enter the criteria, and subscribe yourself and leads to the searches.

For Lead:

Perform a Search > Save Search bookmark icon > Subscribe a lead

You can name the search, type in the lead you'd like to subscribe, and set the frequency for the updates in the pop up window.

For yourself:

Perform a search > Save Search bookmark icon > Subscribe myself

Name the search and set a frequency for updates.

Now that you've saved a search here, you will be able to access it again later in your saved search dropdown.

If you would like to customize the button colors for your saved searches, see this article.