The Boston Logic Platform now makes it simple to find potential buyers for your listings through reverse prospecting. Here is a quick video on this functionality.

If you're more of a reader, you can follow these instructions.

This feature can be enabled for the company by a Broker/Admin under:

Settings > Configuration > Lead > "Enable reverse prospecting search for exclusive properties owned by leads?"

Once enabled, there are a few ways to find buyers for a listing. 

1. From your Sales Exclusives

Property > Sales Exclusives

When you view your Exclusive Listings, you will now see a button to "Find Buyers" on your listings.

Finding buyers for a specific listing will pull up a list of leads. These are leads have expressed an interest in properties similar to yours, meaning, they are all potential buyers for the listing. 

These would be leads who have:

  • Favorited a similar listing 
  • Contacted an agent regarding a similar listing
  • Requested a showing for a similar listing
  • Left a note regarding a similar listing
  • Set up saved searches for similar criteria

The results will include your assigned leads that match this listing, along with a list of other agents in the company who have potential buyers (leads) for the listing. (You will be able to switch between the two filters using the tabs at the top of the page.)

You can message other agents who have potential buyer leads using the message button. You'll also be able to download a PDF report of your matching leads and agents from the results page.

2. Lead Detail Page

Leads > My Leads > Click on the Leads Name > Find Buyers

Next, you will be prompted to enter in some basic property information. Enter the desired criteria and click "Submit". 

Note: If the lead has a listing entered under "Properties Owned", we will find buyers based on the entered listing, and this prompt will appear.

Now, the system will run a search and return a list of potential buyers. And you will again receive your list of potential buyers.

Note: The leads you see in the results will be leads that you normally have access to. This means a Broker account will see any leads that match the criteria, and will not need to filter between "Leads I own" and "Agents with potential buyers."

However, an agent would see their own leads that match, along with a list of other agents who have potential buying leads. The filters will appear for the agent in this case.