1.) Please ensure the Boston Logic Client Success team has enabled CloudCMA for your site. Contact if you are unable to see the following options.

2.) After it is enabled, the connection should be established. Please ensure every agent in your database has an Agent MLS ID in their profile.

3.) If you have a custom CloudCMA account or have customized templates from CloudCMA, under Settings > Feed & SSO, you can also add your CloudCMA Code, Secret, and Admin Email address. This information should be available from CloudCMA.

3.) For each agent who would like it, the "What's My Home Worth Functionality?" checkbox in their profile enables QuickCMA access.

4.) That's it!

Once this is configured, CMAs can be triggered from the following pages in our system admin:

  • Dashboard - /admin

  • Lead Record Documents - /admin/leads/xxxx#documents

  • Property Search Results - /admin/searches/xxx

There is a new button on the Dashboard under the "Leads" section on the left.  .

When you click that button or the CMA button on the Lead Record Documents section you are taken to the New CMA Report Page. On that page you can enter the following fields: 

  • Address*

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Square Footage

  • Notes 

  • Lead Name*

* Denotes required field

When you click “Create,” a new tab will open in your browser and you will be taken into the Cloud CMA System. All of the information you entered into the New CMA Report page will populate the fields on the page in the new tab. Through this workflow, the user will allow the Cloud CMA system to choose the “comps” (comparable properties) for the property they are interested in automatically,  the “quick and dirty” way, as Cloud CMA calls it (we will cover how to do this manually in the Triggering a CMA through the Property Search Results page section below). 

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.44.43 AM.png

The Agent then follows the prompts in the Cloud CMA System to create their document. When they publish the subject document in the Cloud CMA system, the tab with the Boston Logic platform will resolve to the documents section of the selected lead, where the Agent will see the document logged along with associated “Open PDF” “Open Ipad Version” and “edit” links (see below). By clicking these links the Agent can view the finalized PDF and digital Ipad version of the CMA. The Ipad Version has the same content as the PDF but is setup to be presented to the client on a tablet.  

To clarify, all Cloud CMA documents will write to the associated lead record when published in the Cloud CMA system. 

Triggering a CMA through the Property Search Results page.

We also give users the ability to choose the “comps” that they want to display for a given address. To choose these comps, the user will perform a back end property search matching the criteria of the comps they want to choose. On the search results page in the right hand column there is a checkbox titled “Select as comp for CMA.” 

When they have selected all of the comps that they want for the CMA, they scroll back to the top and all of the properties are listed. They can reorder them and then enter the address that they are creating the CMA for, along with, Beds, Baths, Square Feet and the lead name for whom they are creating the CMA.

Once they have entered the required information, they click the “Create CMA Report” and are passed into the Cloud CMA system. The difference will be that the MLS Numbers of the “comps” that they have selected will be passed in the the Cloud CMA system to populate the report. The rest of the user flow will be the same as noted above. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.44.30 AM.png