Path: Admin – Transactions

To enable DotLoop on your Boston Logic platform first contact to enable the connection on your Boston Logic Platform. 

Once you have confirmation that it is complete the “Deals” Section of your admin will be replaced by “Transactions.” The first time each user navigates to “Transactions” they will be prompted to enable the connection between Boston Logic and DotLoop. If they have a Dotloop account they simply press “Sync with Dotloop.” 

creen Shot 2017-07-17 at 16.15.29.png

Once they press that button they will be asked to authenticate with Dotloop. 

creen Shot 2017-07-17 at 16.19.29.png

Once the user has authenticated their Dotloop Account they will be notified of what kind of access they are granting in DotLoop to the Boston Logic platform. 

creen Shot 2017-07-17 at 16.27.22.png

When the user clicks “Approve” the user will be redirected back to their Transactions Page in the Boston Logic Platform. At that point transactions will begin sync with Boston Logic and setup is complete. 

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Each transaction will have the following information displayed that is being pulled from DotLoop;

  • Property - This is the address of the property being transacted

  • Status - This is the status of the transaction

  • Lead - This is the buyer/seller being represented in the transaction

  • Side - This will show whether the transaction is a “buy side” or a “sell side” transaction.

  • Lead Source - This will show where the lead originally was created

  • Price / Commission - This will show the price of the property and the commission that will be earned

  • Projected Closing Date - This will show when the transaction is slated to close

  • Agent - This will show the agent associated with the transaction. 

The user can click the address of the transaction that they are interested in and can be passed directly into the “Loop” for that property.

If a user wants to create a new room they can from multiple points in the Boston Logic Platform;

  • Quick Action Drawer - In the right side quick action menu the user can click the “Transactions” button in the “Create New” section.

  • Lead Record - When viewing the lead record for the lead they want to create a new transaction from the user can click the “Actions” drop down in the right header and select “New Transaction.”

  • Admin Listing Detail Page - When viewing the listing that the user wants to create a new transaction for they can click the “Actions” drop down in the right header and select “New Transaction”

  • Transaction Panel - On the transaction status panel the user can click “New Transaction” in the right header of the page. 

When a user selects “New Transaction” from any of the areas listed above they will be shows a popup.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.06.22 PM.png

If the user triggered the popup from a Lead record that lead name will populate the Lead field. If they triggered it from a Listing page that listing will populate the “Property” field. The user enters additional information about what side of the transaction, buying/selling the transaction is for and if they are a broker, designate the agent who is managing the transaction. 

Please Note: if the user is an agent then they will not be shown the “Room Owner” field as they will be the room owner by default.