You are able to create a clone of a sales exclusive listing from the MLS and add it in as a LogicMLS Listing. Please note that some MLSs do not allow editing of property detail from the Boston Logic site, thus you won't be able to perform this action. If it allows, the system still keep the original listing from the MLS under your Sales Exclusive tab. You will first need to make sure under Settings>Property Display>Display Settings, Logic MLS Overrides MLS is checked off. 

To start, go to Property - Sales Exclusives - click on the address of the Sales Exclusive Listing of choice (one that is not already a LogicMLS Listing)

This will take you to the property detail page - under the Actions dropdown, choose Edit in LogicMLS. 

The screen will go to the Create New section for a LogicMLS Listing. The information of the original listing will populate into the fields. Feel free to make changes to the listing as you see fit. 

Click Create Property once done. This will save the listing as a Logic MLS Listing. You can then access the listing under Property - Sales Exclusives (or LogicMLS Listing).