You are able to switch an existing lead over to a contact within the system.This will keep the person both as a lead and a contact. If you want to keep them only as contacts, proceed to delete them from the Leads list and the information will populate under Leads > Contacts.

Path: Leads > My Leads/All Leads

  • Check the box in front of the lead(s) name to choose the lead. 
  • Choose Add to Contacts from the Bulk Update Leads drop down. 

At this point, the lead is not visible under Leads > Contacts. However, there should be a black checkmark next to the lead's name to indicate that he/she is both a lead and a contact in the system.

Proceed to delete the lead in order for the lead's information to appear under Contacts. 

Once done, the new contact should be available under Leads > Contacts. 

Switch Contact to Lead

If you have an existing contact that you would like to switch to being a lead, go to Leads > Contacts.

Click on the contact's name to get to the Contact Detail Page > under the Action dropdown, choose Add To Leads.