You are able to search for properties on the back end of your site by going to Property - Sales Search

Radius Search - allows you to search for listing within a certain number of miles from the origin. 

Sorting - sort your search result list by a specific direction. 

Open Houses - limit results to listings with open houses. 

    Note: this will leave out listings with no matching open houses, even when they match the other criteria. 

Property statuses - choose any many statuses as you would like to pull in listings, leave blank to pull all statuses. 

    Note: if you are searching for Sold listings, remember to choose Sold as the status and choose the Sold Date Range for the information to pull up. 

Show advanced options - opens up more advanced search fields for you to look for specific listings. Click on the Plus icon to expand each section. 

Mapped Search Options - manually map out a region on the map for the system to pull in listings within that mapped region. 

  • Click the polygon icon at the top right corner to start mapping - choose your starting point on the map and continue to map out a polygon - finish the map by click on the first point again. 

Note: this will take priority over the other criteria, only listings matching the other criteria that are within the mapped region will be pulled into the result page.