Callouts can be created to show on the homepage. The look of the callouts depends on the theme. Once created, you are able to link the callouts to the content/search pages of choice. 

To create a homepage callout

  • Content > Homepage Callouts > New Homepage Callout
    • Add the picture for the callout, enter a heading/caption, choose a local page to link the callout to or enter an external link. 
    • The active check box is turned on by default. Uncheck the box to deactivate the callout. 

Continue to create up to 6 callouts > you can Edit/Delete/Reorder the callouts as preferred. 

If your callouts are not displaying, you may need to activate them.

Activate the callouts on homepage

  • Settings > Configurations > Company > under Homepage Options, choose the Display Option and the Number of Callouts > Save Settings
  • Settings > Super Theme > Homepage Options > Add Homepage Callouts to "Enabled Elements" > Click the Gear Icon next to the Homepage Callouts.

The callouts will populate on the homepage as configured.