You are able to set up a lead modal pop-up that would requests new users to sign up/sign in to your site before viewing the content of the page. 

Lead Modal Capture on Content page. 

  • Content > Pages > Create New (or Edit on an existing page)

When creating a new page, you have the option to turn on lead capture modal by checking the "Lead Capture Modal?" checkbox at the top of the page. This will enable a popup for viewers to sign in/up before viewing the content of the page. 

Lead Modal Capture on Search Pages

  • Content > Search Pages > Edit search page > Select Modal Lead Capture?
    • If a page has a search page attached to it, you'll need to add the lead capture to the search page 
    • If a page is a stock page (created by Boston Logic) and you've turned that page into a search page, you can turn the lead capture on via by editing the search page

Lead Modal Capture on Property Search Results

  • Settings > Configurations > Lead > under Forced Conversion, check the box for "Capture Leads On Sales Search Results" or "Closable Lead Signup on Sales Search Results?"
    • Capture Leads on Sales Search Results - a mandatory popup that requires people to sign up/sign in
    • Closable Lead Signup on Sales Search Results - an optional and closable popup for users to sign up/in

Sales Property Views before Modal Lead Capture 

  • Under Force Conversion, Sales Property Views allow you to set a limit for your leads to view a certain number of properties before having the capture modal popup. 
  • The field below it (Sales Property Views allowed before Closable Signup) enables property view limit with a closable optional popup.