On your site, there is a system page for Featured Properties. This page can be reached by going to the page /featured. 

Example: www.yourdomain/featured

On here, your sales exclusive listings are available for front-end viewing. These listings are pulled from the Sales Exclusives page on your back end. 

To view your Sales Exclusives in the backend

  • Property > Sales Exclusives
  • Check the Featured Page Display box to display the listing on the Exclusive Properties page (New & Active listings are turned on by default)
  • Check the Display Elsewhere box to display the settings on other search pages that has Exclusive Listings on your site. 

To add a Sales Exclusive Listing

  • Settings > Configurations > MLS > Add A MLS Office ID/Agent ID
    • Add in your Agent/Office ID for that listing 
  • Under Featured Properties Source, select Office and/or Agent (depends on which kind of ID you put in)
    • This will pull in the listings associated with the Office or Agent onto the featured page. 

You can choose the Property Types to display on the Featured page. 

You can also manage the settings for displaying featured properties automatically.