Q: How do I create Custom Property Type Groups? 

A: The Boston Logic Platform gives you the ability to define the Property Types that are searchable on your site with Custom Property Type Groups.

Path: Settings > Property Types > Custom Property Type Groups

1.) Establish which Custom Group you’d like by creating a New Property Type Group: Here you can name your group, and select which MLS defined property types and sub-types you would like included in it.

Next, you’ll want to be sure the Custom Property Type Groups you’ve made are activated on the site.

2.) Activate the respective flag(s) [located under Settings > Configuration > Property Search > “Use Property Type Groups?”]

Note: To ensure Custom Property Types function properly you must perform one of the following:

(1) Select ONLY Property Types within the Custom Group screen

(2) Select ONLY Sub-Types within the Custom Group screen

(3) Mixing BOTH?  - This is where there may be some confusion since while you are allowed to mix both Property AND Sub-Types together into 1 custom group you MUST be mindful of the Sub-Types Property Type.



MLS#1 (LogicMLS) - Townhouse is a Property Type

MLS#2 (Your Standard MLS) - Townhouse is a Sub-Type of ‘Residential’ Property Type

So when creating the Custom Group, "Townhouse", you would need to select the following:

Property Type:

- Townhouse

- Residential


- Townhouse (Residential)   [<--- note: the Platform displays the associated Property Type in parentheses next to all sub-types]

Note: Just because ‘Residential’ is selected that does not mean all sub-types below will be included in your Custom "Condos Group". ONLY those sub-types actually checked off will be. Again this is only the case when both Property Types AND Sub-Types are being selected within a single Custom Group


See An Error Message? If you happen to select a sub-type and forget to select it's corresponding property type A Pop-Up Message will appear:
"You have selected one or more sub-types that do not have the respective Property Type also selected. This is indicated by any Sub-Type with a checkmark but greyed out.
Click cancel to return and select the omitted Property Type (this is indicated in parenthesis next to your sub-type) OR If you click continue the sub-type in question will not be saved.”