Google reCAPTCHA is service that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA engages users through a screening activity every time they sign up or fill out dynamic contact forms. This prevents automated software from performing abusive activities on your site. While it keeps your site spam-free, the screening activities allow users to pass through with ease. 

To turn on Re-Captcha for your site, go to Settings > Configurations > Lead > under Lead Assignment, scroll down to Captcha Settings and check Require Captcha on Signup. 

Visit the provided link ( to obtain the Google Recaptcha Site Key and Secret Key.

Click Get re-Catpcha > Register your site to use re-Captcha

Choose your preferred type of reCaptcha > enter the domain of the site you want to register > Accept Terms of Service > Register

Once the Site Key and Secret Key of the re-Catpcha is generated, copy and paste the codes into their respective fields under your site's Settings - Configurations - Lead - Captcha Settings > Save Settings once done. 

Once the re-Captcha is enabled, your site's signup/contact/dynamic forms will have the checkbox of "I'm not a robot" for users to select when filling out the form. 

Turn on re-Captcha for Testimonials Form

Settings > Configurations > Company > Company Info > under Testimonial Settings, check box "Force users solve a Captcha to submit testimonials" > Save Settings