Path: Admin > Property > Sales Exclusives > Property Detail page > Actions > View Listing Report

You have the ability to see the activity of a listing on your site by using a Listing Report. 

1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Properties > Sales Search

2. Type in your listing's criteria. Be as specific as you can so you find only your listing.

3. Click on your exclusive listing.

4. Click on Actions (at the top right) > View Listing Report

On that page, you can change the date range, and subscribe contacts and leads to automatic report updates.

You'll be able to view the User Interaction and Website Activity for the listing based a specific time frame of your choosing. 

You can add as many leads and contacts to the subscription list as you wish. Each recipient can have a different frequency for when they receive the report. You click “Save Subscriptions” and the system will send the report out on the frequency that you have stipulated.


If you'd like to subscribe an individual lead to a listing report, see this help document.