Path: Settings > Configuration > Company

You'll notice that you can click through to the different tabs (Company Info, Company Logo, Admin Branding, Homepage Options, and Email Settings).

This section allows you to set up basic information about your company such as address, phone and fax numbers. This information is also displayed in the footer of your website (depending on the design of your site). 

This section allows you to upload a logo to the header and/or footer of your website, as well as a separate logo for use in print and in emails. You can also upload a Favicon and Company App logo as well as a social media sharing logo (for facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.) If you're on the parent site, you'll be able to lock the logo section for agent sites. 

Next, we have Homepage Options. This section allows you to choose from Sales Exclusive Carousel, Random Sales Exclusive, Theme Photo Carousel or Random Theme Photo based on the theme of your site and what you'd like to have displayed as your main background images. 

Lastly, you'll be able to see and edit the default company email.