Path For Importing leads: Leads > Import Leads

Path For Importing Contacts: Leads > Contacts > Click the purple "Actions" button (located at the far right) > Import From CSV

You can import Leads/Contacts from your own CSV File. You will be prompted to map the data into the Boston Logic platform through a simple matching screen. 

Simply match the fields from your spreadsheet to the appropriate system field.


1. Choose an import type

2. Upload your CSV Import or Google Export file

3. Match the fields from your spreadsheet to the system field

After mapping the appropriate fields, click "Import" on the top right of the page to run your import. The system will import your leads/contacts and send you (the logged in user) an email report once complete. The email will let you know which leads/contacts were imported successfully or if there were any errors. The report will also outline what the errors may have been for correction.