Path: Content > Theme Photos > New Theme Photo 

A theme photo or video can be added to the front end of your homepage. Click here to see how to add a theme video (for responsive theme site).

On the New Theme Photo page, click Upload Image to choose an image. 

Once the image is chosen, you have the option to enter a Caption (this text will be in the middle of your theme photo) 

You can also link your photo to a page on your site, or an external link. Choose the local path from the Linked Page dropdown or enter the url for the external link in the Page Path field. 

The Active checkbox is turned on by default for new theme photos. This enables the photo to be visible on the front end. If you would like the photo to not display in the front end, but still would like it to be there on the back end, simply edit the photo of choice and uncheck the Active checkbox.