Path: Leads > Unassigned Leads

Leads did not get matched with an agent during the "Auto Assign Leads" or "Advanced Lead Distribution" rounds fall into the Unassigned Leads pool. View Lead Assignment Flow to know more about the ways leads can come into your site. 

Brokers and Admins have access to this pool to assign leads to agents or offices.

To assign leads (brokers/admins/Default Agent For Lead Assignment)

Go to Leads > Unassigned > choose the Agent to assign the lead to under the Agent column or check the box in front of the lead's name and choose Assign Agent from the Bulk Update Leads dropdown. 


If they assign the lead to an Office without an Agent then the Office Manager has access to all leads assigned to their Office(s) and can assign the lead to any agent (with lead management) within their respective Office(s).

"Let Agents Claim Unassigned Leads?"

Path: Settings > Configurations > Leads

When enabled, all agents with a Lead Management account have access to the Unassigned Leads pool and can
claim any lead that does not have an agent already (hence unassigned).