There are a variety of ways Leads come to us via our websites. Here, we will go over the multitude of faucets for leads to become assigned to an agent.

1.) A Lead signs up via the "Sign Up" button on the front end of your site. 


2.) Lead comes to the Parent Site with an "Agent code"


    a. Lead is automatically assigned to agent with ID 12345

    b. This is useful for people who want to create "URLs" that basically fake an agent site. They can have their own domain but not have an         agent site. 

3.) Lead chooses an agent from the "Are you currently working with an agent dropdown"

    a. Lead is assigned to the agent they choose, no matter what page they are on, including exclusive properties

4.) Lead signs up on an MLS Exclusive Listing AND company has NOT checked "Skip Auto Exclusive Property Lead Assignment?" 

[in Settings > Configuration > Lead > Sales section] Agent’s MLS ID must be entered on their Agent Profile, which must be the same as within the MLS listing

    a. Lead is assigned to the exclusive listing agent

5.) If the company has chosen a "Default Agent for Lead Assignment" [Settings > Configuration > Lead section]

    a. Lead is assigned to that agent or the Default Broker

6.) Company has turned on "Click to Claim Leads Enabled?" [Settings > Configuration > Lead > Lead Settings section]

    a. If Advanced Distribution is enabled (please click here to learn more about Lead Distribution) 

        i) We query for the set of agents who's distribution criteria match the lead's criteria and send the claim email to just those agents.

        ii) If we can not locate any agents matching the criteria, the claim email goes to all agents who have "Click to Claim" enabled (same as scenario b below basically)

    b. If Advanced Distribution is disabled

        i) Claim email is sent to all agents that have "Click to Claim" enabled for their account

    c. First agent to click the claim link in the email gets the lead assigned to them.

    d. If no agent clicks the link, the lead stays in the Unassigned Leads pool

7.) Company has turned on "Advanced Lead Distribution Enabled?" [Settings > Configuration > Lead]

    a. We query for the set of agents who's distribution criteria matches the lead's criteria and pick a random agent and assign the lead to that agent.

    b. If no agents are found that match the lead's criteria:

        i) If auto assignment is enabled ("Auto Assign Leads?") fall into scenario 8 for auto assignment

        ii) If auto assignment is disabled, the lead stays in the Unassigned Leads pool

8.) Company has turned on "Auto Assign Leads?" [Settings > Configuration > Lead section]

    a. We grab the next agent in the round robin queue (based on ID ascending order) that has "In the Auto Assignment Queue?" enabled on     their agent profile and assign the lead to that agent.

9.) Agents now have the option to Accept/Reject leads

    a. Agents will be required to accept a lead via a link sent to their email before they can view the lead details 

    b. If an agent rejects a lead, it will be auto assigned to another agent in the office, whom the admin can set per agent through the "Rejected Lead Agent” dropdown, or sent to the Unassigned Queue for manual reassignment

    c. If 'round robin' is selected, the next agent in the queue will be assigned the lead

        i) The broker/admin has the option to set up "Lead Acceptance Time" for how long the Agent has to "accept/reject" the new lead

10.) All other leads fall into the Unassigned Leads Pool.

    a. Brokers and Admins have access to this pool to assign leads to agents or offices.

        i) If they assign the lead to an Office without an Agent then the Office Manager has access to all leads assigned to their Office(s) and can assign the lead to any agent (with lead management) within their respective Office(s).

11.) Company has enabled "Let Agents Claim Unassigned Leads?" [Settings > Configuration > Lead]

a. All agents with a Lead Management account now have access to the Unassigned Leads Pool and can claim any lead that does not have an agent already (hence unassigned)