Admin Approval for Form Submissions

When setting up a dynamic form, you now have the option to require an Admin Approval for the form's submissions. 

To create a dynamic form, view our Dynamic Forms help document

When the “Admin Approval Required” check box is selected you will see a new field displayed above the “Send To Email Address” titled “Approval Admin” the admin enters the email address of the individual who will be in charge of reviewing and approving the form submissions. 

When the user submits the form, the email denoted in the “Approval Admin” field will be notified to review and approve the submission before the confirmation is sent to the “Send to Email Address” that has been entered.

Additionally you can now create a two stage from by adding fields and checking “Admin Only”.  If you check “Admin only” then that field will be filled out by the admin as part of their approval process.

Item Quantity

The other new piece of functionality is the “Item Quantity” field. By adding this field you can create an order from of items and their associated prices. When submitted the form will come through with the selection amounts and cost per unit so a total can be tabulated.

New Submission Review Options

When reviewing submissions on the review submissions page that the admin reaches by clicking the Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.27.35 PM.pngin the list view of all dynamic forms. The admin has new options. The Admin can now enter a date range to review all submissions in that date range. The Admin can now also export the data in the defined range by clicking CSV by clicking “Export Submissions.”