Path: Lead > My Leads > Search and select particular lead > Saved Searches 

Leads can sign up on your website for daily email updates containing new or updated property listings that meet their search criteria. The email update search criteria they save can be viewed by selecting the email updates. Brokers and the lead’s assigned agent can change the search parameters that the lead has set if desired, and can add as many additional daily email update search criteria sets as needed. A maximum of two emails are sent per day; one for sales and one for rentals (if applicable). Each email contains all results for any search related to that listing type (sales or rentals). These emails can be set to send immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly.  Any property that is newly listed or updated within the past 24 hours for daily, week for weekly, or past month for monthly will be included. A lead may make changes to their email update criteria at any time by logging into your website and visiting their “My Account” page.

Setting up Daily Email Updates for a lead:

  1. Once in the Lead's detail page (selecting an individual lead in the backend brings you to their detail page)
  2. Select the “Saved Searches” tab
  3. Click the “ Create New Daily Search” button (for either Sales or Rentals)
  4. Name the search and enter search criteria
  5. Click the “Create Search” button to save changes (top far right)

To send search results to a lead right away, click the “Send all searches to (lead) right now” button. This will send any newly updated listings from the day that match the criteria.

You can specify which types of listing updates will be included in the emails in the saved search as well. You can include new listings, status updates, and/or listings that have had price changes in the update emails.

Tip: you can choose to send daily email updates to a lead even if they have not chosen to receive them on their own. Follow the above procedure for any lead in your system and make sure to check the box labeled “Send daily email updates”.