Path: Settings > Configurations > Leads > Apply Agent Acceptance Only to Auto-Assigned Leads

With this setting, agents will only be required to accept leads which have been assigned via Round Robin or Advanced Lead Distribution. This will prevent leads who have inquired on agent sites or on exclusive listings from being assigned to other agents if the primary agent does not accept in time.

Agent lead acceptance time limit

A time limit can be set for agents to accept their leads. If the limit has been reached and the agent has not accept the lead yet, the lead will continue to go on the next available agent on the round-robin queue. 

  1. Settings > Configurations > Leads
  2. Under the fields "Lead Acceptance - Exclusive/Non-exclusive Agent Limit", choose the time limit for the agents to accept their leads. 
    • Exclusive Agent Limit is applied to agents who has an exclusive property that the lead signs up on. 
    • Non-exclusive Agent Limit is applied to agents who is not the Listing/Selling Agent of the property the lead signs up on. 
  3. Save Settings once done. 

Leads that are waiting to be accepted will be under the Leads > Pending Acceptance tab.