Logic Score is a proprietary algorithm that takes count of a users action on your website, and multiples those actions by a sliding scale.

Actions Worth 1 Point (Passive Actions):

Perform a Search (Sales, Rentals, Commercial)

View a Property (Sales, Rentals, Commercial)


Actions Worth 2 Points (Active Actions):

Add a Favorite Property (Sales, Rentals)

Add a Property Note (Sales, Rentals)

Add a Saved Search (Sales, Rentals)

Email a Friend


Actions Worth 3 Points (Form Submission/Agent Actions):

Contact a Agent (Sales, Rentals, Developments, Commercial)

Schedule a Showing (Sales, Rentals, Developments, Commercial)

Contact Form Submission (Company or Agent)

Dynamic Form Submissions


These are the only things that factor into the LogicScore currently.


Total Logic Score just multiplies the count of each of those actions by their point value and gives a total. This is meant to be for "all time" on the site.


Recent Logic Score takes the count of each of actions and multiples it by a sliding scale. If the action was performed in the last 7 days it is multiplied by 4, 8-14 days ago multiplied by 3, 15-21 days ago multiplied by 2, 22-28 days ago multiplied by 1. If the user hasn't done anything on the site in the last 28 days, their Recent score will be 0.