Creating a Development or Luxury Building

  1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website
  2. Click the Developments sub-item
  3. Click “Create New Development” in the upper right
  4. Choose whether the page will feature a Development or a Luxury Building
  5. Enter all the information you have pertaining to the development or luxury building; the more unique content you add, the greater your search engine ranking potential becomes
  6. Click “Create” to save your changes


User-added image

Adding Addresses

Once a building has been created in the system, the next step is to add addresses. The first address you add is the one that will display to viewers on the front end. There is no limit on how many addresses that can be added. Available and recently sold properties are dynamically displayed based on the addresses entered. Enter as many variations as you can to account for multiple building entrances, multiple syntax configurations (ex: Main Street vs Main St.) or multiple real addresses for a development (1-3 Main St. should be entered as “1 Main St., 2, Main St., 3 Main St.”, plus “One Main Street”, etc.)

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  1. After you have created a development or luxury building, it will be shown on the table of Developments
  2. Click “Addresses” in the editing menu to the right of the Development name
  3. Click “Create New” to add a new address
  4. Fill in all applicable fields, then click “Create” to save changes
  5. Add as many addresses as possible

Adding Floor Plans

  1. Click “Add a Floor Plan”
  2. Click “Choose File” to find a file on your computer (PDF only)
  3. Click “Create” to add the floor plan PDF to your Development

Adding a Listing Sheet

  1. Click “Add a Listing Sheet”
  2. Click “Choose File” to find a file on your computer  (PDF only)
  3. Click “Create” to add the listing sheet PDF to your Development

Adding Pictures

There is no limit to how many pictures can be added to a Development. You may reorganize the order of the pictures after adding them by dragging and dropping the images in the Pictures editor.

  1. Click “Add Pictures”
  2. Click “Choose File” to find a file on your computer
  3. Click “Create” to add the image to your Development

Adding Prices 

You can label the prices for the sale/rental development, along with the Start/End time. There is no limit to how many labels/prices you can add in. Simply click Add a Price to create a new price label, click on Reorder to change the order of the list and/or Delete on the ones you wish to remove. 

    1. Click "Add a Price"

    2. Enter Label name and Start/End time

    3. Click "Create" to add the price to your Development. 

Mapped Search Options 

The search option at the bottom of the Development page gives you the ability to search for listings by a Custom Neighborhood or by mapping an area manually. 

  • Custom neighborhood - click here to view how to create a Custom Neighborhood. 
    1. Check the box for "Custom Neighborhood"
    2. In the field below the box, start typing the custom neighborhood name in. This will appear as a type ahead for you to choose the neighborhood. Please note that the custom neighborhood needs to be created first in order for its name to appear in type-ahead.
    3. Click "Create" once done, listings within that custom neighborhoods will be pulled onto the page.
  • Mapping Manually
    1. Click the polygon icon at the top right corner of the map. 
    2. Start mapping your first point on the map, continue to map out a polygon, click again on your first point to end the mapping. 
    3. Click "Create" once done, listings within the mapped area will be pulled onto the page.