Taking the time to properly enter your exclusive listings into your MLS will ensure visitors to your website (and other sites across the internet) can easily find your listing if it matches their search criteria.

The way property searches work is by scanning the information you have entered into all the various fields of the listings (price range, property type, lot size, etc.), and trying to match them against the visitors search query.

If you leave fields blank, you run the risk of your properties not displaying in searches that they qualify for and missing out on a potential buyer for your listing!

Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Listing Price
    • Make sure you enter the correct price!
    • A simple typo in this section could remove your listing from search results!
  • Enter the Full Property Address Including Unit Number
    • If people know the address of the property they are interested in, you want to make sure they can find it!
  • Property Type & Style
    • Many buyers search for a new Home using these qualifiers! Don’t miss out because you neglected to add ‘Colonial’ or ‘Greek Revival’ or ‘Ranch’.
  • Amenities
    • Area amenities are a big part of where we live. Let potential buyers know about all the great things to do and places to visit in the area, right in the description.
  • Water View, Water Access, Beachfront Property, etc.
    • Be sure to differentiate! Don’t just write about the quick walk to the water in the property description- fill out all the fields related to water.
  • Construction, Exterior Features, Heating & Cooling System, Roofing Material Info, etc.
    • Don’t skimp on details! Find out all the info. you can about each listing & include it all in your listing.
    • Buyers can customize their online property searches with these criteria, and you need to make sure your listings show up in the results.
  • Property Description
    • Make sure you put the most important info towards the beginning of your description.
      • This will ensure that your leads see the best features when skimming a large list of properties.
  • Make sure there are no errors or typos in your descriptions.
    • Show the seller you have a high attention to detail & care about representing them.
    • You want to give buyers confidence in your skills and abilities.
    • DO NOT copy text from Microsoft Word and paste into your listing’s MLS description!
  • Photos
    • Never use photos that are copyrighted by someone else.
    • Take high-resolution photos so they do not appear pixelated. (check with your MLS for specific standards)
    • Take the time to clear clutter, make beds, close toilet lids, etc. when taking photos.
    • Try to take photos on sunny days for the best lighting and mood.
    • Always make the best photo the first photo of the listing.


TIP: Microsoft Word uses special characters that web browsers do not recognize, and this will result in scrambled, illegible property descriptions everywhere on the web! Instead, copy this content into a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad or Mac TextEdit, then copy from there into your MLS system. This removes the formatting and special characters and lets you paste the content as plain text.