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Through the tools available at your site’s Reports tab, you can view a customizable report on lead signups (and agent created leads) on your site, which you can refine by date, lead type, and how the leads were created. The Reports tab opens the Lead Report sub item by default.

Reports are generated by Google Analytics. To set up Analytics on your site, please see the Settings section of this guide.

One of the main benefits of the Boston Logic platform for real estate websites is that we are constantly trying to provide you with better tools to help you make more effective business decisions. In the last update, we gave our customers the ability to view customizable reports on lead signups (and agent created leads) on their website (can be refined by date, lead type, and how the leads were created). Recently we added added two more components to our backend lead reports:

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1. TRAFFIC REPORT  which covers Total Visits & Top Traffic Medium,  Organic Traffic, Referral Traffic  and Paid Traffic. 

2. CONTENT SUMMARY which covers  Top Pages & Blog Posts, Top Properties, Top Rentals and Top Commercial Properties. 

You can customize all the website data to show from the last 7, 30 or 90 days, or look at historical data from the previous year. If you are still not satisfied we have added the option of picking a custom date range. These options are also available if you choose to compare your data with different date ranges.

3. SEARCH TERMS - Displays search terms used to reach your site. These terms are displayed by most used and can be searched by date. 

4. TRAFFIC SUMMARY - Covers Total Visits & Top Traffic Medium, Organic Traffic, Referral Traffic and Paid Traffic. 

5. Top Content - Displays the top viewed pages on your site.

6. Market Insights - Create market reports for areas serviced by your brokerage. 

7. Lead Engagement  - Tracks an agent’s engagement with their leads.