1. Click on the “Office Tools” tab
  2. Click on the “Agents and Brokers” sub item
  3. Click on “Add Agent” on the upper right
  4. Fill out the user profile with as much information as you wish to display; at a minimum you must enter a first and last name, email address, and password.
  5. Enter the agent’s MLS agent ID in the provided field in order to associate their listings with their profile and to display their profile information on their listings.
  6. Enter the profile URLs for any applicable social media sites the agent may use in order to display social media icons on the agent’s page which will dynamically link to their social media profiles.
  7. Click “Create Agent” to save this profile

* Make sure that the user’s email signature is filled out – when emails are sent from the system, users’ contact information will be in the body of the email.
** If you wish to display your agent list in alphabetical order, simply click the "More" dropdown and choose “Alphabetize Agents” button above the list of users. To use your own custom order, simply use the positioning arrows on the right side of the users table to adjust the position of individual user profiles.

Access Levels

Broker – Brokers have access to All Leads, Unassigned Leads, Agent Stats, Blogger settings, CMS, & site Settings. They also have the ability to manage leads for all agents.

Agent – Agents have access to their own profile and leads and any tools shared with them by brokers or site administrators.

Additional Lead Management Accounts

If you have more than one lead management account, selecting the Lead Management checkbox on any agent profile setup page gives the agent a lead management account. If you are using automatic lead assignment, check the “In the Auto Assignment Queue” box if you want the agent to be included in the automatic lead assignment rotation. **Note: An agent can have a lead management account without being in the auto-assignment queue.