A Contact is usually a person who will not be purchasing or selling property, and therefore will not need all of the backend functionality of a Lead. You can access your contacts within the Leads tab.

Two differences between leads and contacts

Think of Contacts as people you will be doing business with, such as other realtors, home inspectors, electricians, etc.

Contacts can be manually created, synced from Google, imported in bulk, or created when a duplicate Lead entry exists in the system. 

Once Contacts are in the system, they can be searched and filtered just like leads. You can also bulk update contacts by using the check boxes next to their names, and the bulk update dropdown that appears. 

Contacts can also be subscribed to saved searches and market insights updates. 

  1. Go to Leads > Contacts
  2. Click on a contact's name
  3. Click on the Saved Searches and/or Market Insights tab
  4. Click Create New Daily Search or New Market Insight Updates
  5. Fill in the criteria you would like for the search/market updates
  6. "Subscribe"
  7. Daily searches will be sent out on a daily basis (if there is an update/change) and Market Insight Updates will be sent out based on the frequency chosen. 

Adding Contacts to Marketing Lists - click here to view how to add contacts onto marketing lists that associate with newsletters/drip campaigns.