Path: Settings > Configuration > Social Authentication

1. Go to "Settings", "Configuration," scroll down to "Social Authentication Settings"

2. Click on the “Go to Google Developer Link”

3. Sign into Google

4. Click the blue “Create Project” text

5. Name your project

6. Click “Create” (This will take a moment)

7. Click on "Enable API's and get credential like keys" 

8. Click on "Credentials" 

9. Click "Create Credentials" and choose "OAuth Client ID"

10.  Follow the directions on the screen. All that is required is Email Address and Product Name. (Leads will see this pop up when they first login to your site using Google, so name your product accordingly)

11. Click "Save"

12. In the Authorized Javascript origins box, type the web address of your site (be sure to use http:// and not https://)

13. In box labeled “Authorized Redirect URI” add “/auth/google_oauth2/callback” after your site URL, which should have auto-populated.

14. Click the Create Client ID button

15. Under the Client ID for web applications menu, copy and paste the Client ID into the corresponding box on the settings menu of your Boston Logic site.

16. Copy and paste the Client Secret into the corresponding box on the settings menu on your Skyline Site.

17. Click the “Save Settings” button on your Skyline Site.

18. Click on Dashboard on the left, then click on "Enable API"

19. Click on Google+ API

20. Click "Enable"