Messages are internal communications, between users with admin, broker, agent, or employee access to the back end of your website.  Your unread Messages are shown on your Dashboard (the most recent ten are shown) and in your Unread Messages, located in the left side of the primary navigation under Tasks. 

To create a Message, click the “Internal” quick link in the Quick Action Toolbox , or navigate to Tasks and click on “All Messages”, then click the “New Message” button just below the Keyword Search tool. Choose a recipient, a subject, the time the Message was taken, a comment, and optionally which lead the Message regards, then click Send Message.

To search for a Message, click Message Search in the upper left of the "All Messages" page.  This advanced search lets you drill down to specifics such as which lead a Message was associated with, when Messages are sent or updated, and keywords in the Message body.