Zillow Agent Reviews

Path: Settings > Configuration > Agent/Office > Show Zillow Reviews on Agent Profiles

We can now pull Zillow agent reviews into our system to be displayed side by side with other agent testimonials in the system (responsive themes only). The Admin can turn it on site-wide. If it is enabled then the agent will have the option to turn off Zillow reviews for their bio page in the profile edit section of the Agent admin.

(Note: The Agent's email address in Zillow must match the email address in Boston Logic for reviews to pull in correctly)

To set this up, you must first obtain a Zillow API key.  

Once you receive the email with the API key, you will need to enter it into the backend of your Boston Logic site.

Settings > Feed/SSO > Zillow Settings

If Agents do not want to display Zillow Reviews on their profiles, they have the option to opt out in their profiles on the brokerage site under Edit Agent Profile > Office.