1. Create a new page
  2. Put your cursor in the white body content block, below the table of tools
  3. Type or paste your text as desired. Note: If you are copying and pasting content from a “Word” document, you need to use the “Paste from Word”button instead. This cleans up the content and prevents formatting errors. (See image below).
  4. Select any or all text and choose a font and style from the toolbar above
    To see the name of any tool, simply mouse over the tool icon to see its function. Most are commonly used document editing tools, which perform the same functions as their counterparts in Microsoft Word. The exception is the Source tool. This tool switches the content input and editing type between plain text and HTML – if you know how to work with HTML, you can use this tool to allow editing just as you would accomplish it in any other HTML editor.

The Format tab in the toolbar is used for creating different headings on your site. The benefit of using this feature is that you can standardize all of the headings on your site by using the same font style, size, and type. There are a variety of headings to choose from. The heading used as the page header is “Heading 2”.

To apply a heading, highlight the text you wish to make a heading, and choose from the list of dropdown selections.

Tip: Click the Preview tool, located at the bottom of the page, to see how your finished page will appear on your site. You can do this at any point in the editing process.