Access Levels for your Website

The Sequoia platform allows you to set page permissions so that users must be signed in to view them, and so that different user levels have access to different pages if desired. Your page will not be accessible on your site unless a user with the appropriate access level is logged into their account.

Setting access levels for pages on your website:

  1. Choose the page that you would like to set an access level for and select Edit
  2. The Page Editor will open the page in editable form
    1. Scroll down and click on “Page Access" to open up the tab.
    2. All user types are selected by default, which means everyone is able to view this page
  3. De-select the checkboxes for any user level which you do not wish to access the page you are editing
  4. After you have set access permissions for the page, click the Create button if the page is new, or Update if you are editing an existing page.

Tip: The two most important accounts to take note of are Lead and Anonymous User. A lead is someone who must be signed into their account to view a page, and an anonymous user is anybody that visits your site and does not have an account on the website. Not giving access to leads is useful when you have content on certain pages which you want only qualified customers to view. Many brokers also create pages that only their staff members have access to, to restrict access to confidential information or logins to outside resources such as webmail.

As with any other content on your website, you may change page access levels as often as you wish.