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Dynamic Forms

Within your Skyline website’s CMS (Content Management System) you have the ability to create your own custom forms for lead generation and information gathering. Dynamic forms are used to capture many varieties of information. These can include anything from collecting basic contact information to requesting an evaluation on a sale or rental listing. Creating a form is similar to creating a page with the CMS. You can add any form you create to any page on your site. Forms are very flexible and can be tailored to capture the information you want from your leads. Read below to learn about the different functions Dynamic Forms can be used for. 

Creating a Dynamic Form

  1. Log into the back end of your website using the LOGIN button in the upper right hand corner of your site
  2. Select the Content tab and click the Dynamic Forms sub-item
  3. Click “Create New Form”
  4. Design your form

A.) Title the form (this appears above the form on any page you add the form to) and add any instructions you wish to give your users.

B.) Title your Submit button – this label will be applied to the button users must click to submit their responses. You may title this whatever you like.

B.) You can also change your button label and color.

C.) Check the 'Lead Capture' box if you wish for this form to automatically capture leads from submissions of this form; this will make the users’ names and email addresses required portions of this form by default.

     a.) This means you do not need to build a first name, last name, and email form fields.

D.) Check the Email Submissions box if you wish for a confirmation email to be sent to you whenever a form is submitted. You can choose which email address to send these confirmations to with the Send To Email Address field.

5. Confirmation Page Options - Choose what you want to happen after a user submits your form

            A.) Confirmation Text: Enter text that will be shown in place of the form after the user submits the form.

            B.) Confirmation URL: After the form is submitted, the user will be taken to the URL that you enter.

6. Add any additional fields you want! You can add:

  • text fields (labels)- For short answers
  • free text areas-For long responses 
  • selects- have them select multiple choices,
  • check boxes-They select 1 check box 
  • check box groups-Multiple choice check boxes 
  • file upload fields-They can upload a variety of files 
  • radio buttons-allows only one of several choices
  • date and time selects.

                You can make any of these fields required if you like. By default, new fields are set to be optional.

6. To re-order fields, simply use the arrows shown next to each field to move the field to your desired position on the form.

7. Once you have completed your form, Click “Create Form.”

**Note: After your form has been successfully created you will be shown a message which states, “The form [your form title] was successfully updated.” Your form will now be active in the dynamic forms section of your website, and can be added to any page! Edits to your form can be made as often as you wish, but edits will not alter the content of existing submissions.

Adding a Form to a Page

  1. Select the CMS tab, then click “Pages”
  2. Either create a new page as shown in the CMS/Pages section of this guide, or choose an existing page and click “Edit”.
  3. Scroll Down to the dropdown field titled “Form”and select the form you would like to add to the page.
  4. After you select the correct form, click “Create” or “Update” to save your changes.

**Note: A form page can also either be added to a menu or linked to from anywhere within your website. To add a form page as a menu item, create the form page and then follow the instructions on creating a menu item in the CMS/Menus section of this guide.

How to view your form submissions

  1. Log onto the backend of your site
  2. Hover over the "Content" and select "Dynamic Forms"
  3. Select the form you wish to view submissions for, you'll be brought to the "Form Preview"
  4. At the top right corner, select "Actions" and click on "Form Submissions"
  5. Once in the "Form Submissions" page, you'll be able to see who's filled out your form by date. You can also look at a specific submission by selecting the eye button, or remove it by hitting the red X button. You can only view the submitter if they are logged onto your site.