Path: Content > Blog Posts

To create a Blog Post on your Boston Logic website, you must first log in as a user that has been designated as a Blogger.  If you are not a Blogger but would like to be, contact your office administrator to add you as a Blogger, or contact Boston Logic for support. 

An admin/Broker can check if an agent has been listed as a blogger by going to: Settings > Blogger. Here you'll be able to see current bloggers and potential bloggers.

Once you log into the website as a Blogger, you will automatically be directed to the back end of the website.


Access to the Boston Logic Blog is now in the back end of the site under Content > Blog Posts. After you have clicked ‘Blog Posts’, you will be brought to the page that contains all the published blog posts in chronological order. (Newest listed first)

You can create a new post by clicking "Create New."

Please Note: Until you are completely finished composing and editing your post, do not check the “Published” box found right below the Permalink field, or readers will see your blog before you want them to.

Enter and edit the body text of your blog post in the large space provided.  Insert images and adjust formatting using the toolbar above the writing space.  The buttons function much like the buttons in Microsoft Word. If you’re not sure what a button does, hover your mouse over it and a description of the function will appear.

Be sure to add Categories that relate to your post. After a Category is created, it will be saved and available for future blog posts.  It is important to categorize your blogs to help users more easily find topics that they would like to read about.

Once you have finished adding your Title, writing your blog, and tagging it with Categories, click the ‘Create Post’ button to preview your blog.

You can edit or delete a blog post in the back end by clicking on the edit tool:

Or, you can edit on the front end as well:

Once you are happy with your blog, you can check off the ‘Published’ box.   Be sure that you click the ‘Update Post’ button or the blog will still only be saved as a Draft. Now you’re blog is posted viewable by your audience!