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***Only available for certain themes. 

You now have the ability to quickly add homepage callouts in Skyline! 

Go to the backend of your site, hover over "Content" and select "Homepage Callouts" from the dropdown menu. Here, you'll see your existing homepage callouts. You'll see the page they direct to, the caption text, and if it's active. You'll also have the ability to edit, delete and reorder your callouts.

To create a new Homepage Callout, hit the button in the right hand corner. 

1. Upload a photo

2. Give your callout a title/heading

3. Add some text (not required)

4. Select a CMS page from the dropdown list OR Add a page path 

5. Check the "Active?" box 

6. Hit create

Your home page callout will now appear on your homepage. When you click on the callout photo, you'll be brought to the CMS page/page path listed on the homepage callout detail page.